The Burrow
2017 /  244 x 327 x 110 cm /  various materials: wood, self designed print on carpet, acrylic kit, pigments, tissues, fired clay objects, foam

The Burrow* is an investigation in shelters and the reasons why creatures withdraw from public sight to be alone. The exhibition dealt with the notion of feeling at home, and played with the question what we try to protect with the mental and physical constellation of the home. It hosted installations of cavities, secret saves, hide-out places, and things that grow when left unattended. The space under the staircase can be considered a flaw of architecture, as it is the side effect of the design of the object. The space that emerges has no function, so it can be an invitation to hidden activities. *The Burrow is a reference to a short story by Kafka in which a badger-like creature creature struggles to secure the labyrinthine burrow he has built as a home. This exhibition was kindly supported by the AFK. 

The Burrow
2017 /  various objects, light bulb, sawdust, pigment, foam
The Burrow
2017 /  acrylic kit, pigment, tissues
close up of carpet design
2017 /  244 x 327 x 110
2017  / 7 x 10 x 22cm /  styrofoam, tissues, sugar, pigment, orange peel
2017 / video 00:04:09 / playing in loop

 The video Cavities speaks of threat and desire connected to the underground, told through a fictive story about a hoarder and his compulsive obsessions.